About us

Atlantic Islands Trading is a young company dedicated to international trade with the mission of helping small and medium-sized producers to add value in business.
Our preparation and broad knowledge of the environment, allows us to identify business opportunities that can go unnoticed, generating growth and excellent profitability margins for our commercial allies.
Our staff is formed by a group of highly trained experts in marketing, sales and logistics… with high achievement motivation and preparation for satisfying our customers’ goals.

Our location

We are fully suitable to adapt to any of our customers needs, the market characteristics and the type of product either as importers, brokers and distributors.

Market creation and potential customers

Brand positioning

Management of sanitary procedures

Trade Marketing

Product adaptation to the requirements of the target market

Participation in fairs, conferences and business meetings

Products and markets
Our focus remains on high-quality food and beverages from Italy, Spain and Portugal for South Florida market (USA), Caribbean Islands, Venezuela and the Canary Islands. In medium term, we will expand our company to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.